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The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) recognizes how entrepreneurship stimulates job growth, creates new opportunities in industries that need them, and makes communities better versions of themselves.
There is no clear path to entrepreneurship, but at BCIC we’re changing that.
The eBridge Center for Business & Commercialization is mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and resources they need to create jobs, access capital, and scale commercially.
The eBridge Center is focused not just on tapping into the human capital of our community or commercializing scalable businesses, but establishing entrepreneurial equity in developing and advancing an open and inclusive ecosystem for all entrepreneurs. In partnership with the City of Brownsville, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Small Business Administration, United States Economic Development Administration, Office of Congressman Filemon Vela, Senator John Cornyn, and Senator Ted Cruz. 

The eBridge Center for Business & Commercialization
The eBridge Center for Business & Commercialization

eBridge Fund program

The eBridge Fund program is designed to provide a more attainable option for businesses who are otherwise unable to obtain conventional bank financing or need a more competitive rate in comparison to current market rates. The objective of the eBridge Fund is to serve as an economic development tool to encourage business retention and expansion, relocation of businesses to Cameron County as well as assisting new start-ups that in return will retain and/or create employment opportunities and stimulate investment in the community.

StartUp, Thrive, Scale.

The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation initiatives, endeavors, programs, and incentives revolve around the human capital that’s within our community.
These investments include small business development, retail development, entrepreneurship, and job creation projects that define the economic development role we plan to serve in order to make our community more competitive.
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